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Genuine Leather - Sweat Absorbing

Molded to Feet - Extra Comfort

Arch Support - Reducing Foot Fatigue


1. For the best fit, please trim the insole to fit into your shoes.

2. To avoid a too tight fit and to achieve better performance on breathability and comfort, we strongly recommend that when wearing insoles you choose a shoe size that is half or one size larger than your normal size.

3.Please use neutral detergent or saddle soap to wash the surface gently while cleaning the insoles.

4.If washed or damp, the insoles must be air-dried (using an electronic fan is helpful). DO NOT use any heat, such as sunshine or driers, to dry the insoles.

5. To prolong the service life and avoid mold from growing, we strongly recommend removing the insoles from your shoes after daily use and air-drying them. Always insert the insoles again before you wear your shoes.

Dr. Sole Original Cork Insole

  •   M L XL
    F 27 29 31
    W 9.5 10 10.5

    Unit of measurement : cm

    F: Full Length / W: Width


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