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Dr. Sole's very first lug soles - Tumaz. The inspiration is taken from the most representative wildlife of Taiwan - the Formosan Black Bear. One of the Taiwanese native tribes call them “Tumaz,” which is the origin of the name of these soles. They are easily recognized by the moon-shape white hair in the chest, so they are also called “the moon bear.” This is also why there is a white “V” bar at the waist of the Tumaz sole. 

Made of our signature SuperGrip rubber compound, making this soles as tough as it should be!


Dr. Sole Youtube Channel >>【Bench-Re-Built】Red Wing 825 Resole with Dr. Sole’s very first lug soles - Tumaz!

#1240 Tumaz Lug Sole

  •   8 10 12 14
    F 302mm 318mm 342mm 363mm
    W 118mm 123mm 128mm 133mm
    T1 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm
    T2 27mm 27mm 27mm 27mm


    F: Full Length / W: Width / T1 :Thickness forepart / T2: Thickness heel

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