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Cork Sheet

      Dr. Sole puts the cork and rubber into a tumbling barrel and mixes them together to produce cork sheets. Dr. Sole’s cork sheets are light, soft, and flexible. The cork sheets are also breathable because the cork is a natural material that allows the air to flow in and out the sheets. That’s why the cork sheets are usually used to produce the insoles or foot-beds, rather than outsoles. 

     Moreover, cork sheets are recyclable; that is, we can add a certain ratio of used cork sheets to the tumbling barrel and mix them with the new materials. By doing this, we can reduce the usage of new materials and the waste of used sheets. Because the ratio of used materials and new materials are controlled strictly, the quality of the products containing the recycled materials is not affected.

     The dimension of this product is 60cm x 90cm. Customers can cut the sheets on their own based on their needs. The thickness and various colors and finishes can also be adjusted based on customers’ needs. 


製品の資料請求や価格・お見積りなどのお問い合わせは、Webフォームもしくはメールで承っております。 ご質問・ご相談など、お気軽にお問い合わせください。

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