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Rubber Ice Grip Soles

   Another patented product of Dr. Sole is the “rubber ice grip sole,” made of the combination of rubber and fiberglass. This new material offers the soles extremely high traction on snow or icy surfaces. Rubber ice grip sole can allow consumers to walk on the snow more easily and safely, making this sole very suitable on snow boots or outdoor footwear. There is a story behind the ”rubber ice grip sole.” 
In January, 1999, Johnny Yu, the founder of Dr. Sole, went to Harbin, the northeastern part of Mainland China, to visit a client. The whole city was covered by snow because it had been snowing for the past couple days. During the two-day visit in Harbin, Johnny fell down on the snow more than ten times. He was quite frustrated that there were few soles made to offer a secure grip on the snow. At that moment, he decided that he wanted to develop a new material that can provide the soles with higher traction on snow so those wearing them are able to walk on the snow easily and safely.

     After numerous experiments and adjustments of the formula, the “rubber ice grip sole,” made of the combination of rubber and fiberglass, was finally invented in 2003. This new material keeps the flexibility and durability of rubber. Meanwhile, the rough and rocky surface from the fiberglass makes this new material very suitable on the shoes designed for walking on snow or icy surface. 

     In 2004, Johnny went back to Harbin again to test the functionality of rubber ice grip sole, and it was proved to offer a more secure grip to every step on the snow. This time, Johnny never fell down once.

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