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Rubber DL Heel Tip


      Heel tips are the part of high-heeled shoes at the bottom of the heel. In most cases, heel tips are made of plastics, such as PU or PVC, not only because those materials are cheaper and easier to produce, but also they are easier to be glued to the heels during the shoe-making process. However, there are some drawbacks of using plastics; for example, plastics are not as durable as rubber and they generate annoying noises when people wear them walking on some hard tile or wooden floors.


     Johnny Yu, the founder of Dr. Sole, found that many females who wear high-heeled shoes generate noise while they are walking, or they are still wearing the shoes even though the heel tips have been worn down, which cause improper walking posture. In order to solve these problems, Johnny developed a new product – “rubber DL heel tips.”   Rubber is not only more durable, offering more grip, but it also produce less noise than plastics. However, one drawback of using rubber is that it is somewhat difficult to attach the rubber tips to the heels. Therefore, Johnny combined the advantages of plastics and rubber: using the rubber to make the surface of the tips and using plastic to make the pins that connect the heels and tips. By doing this, we can keep the characteristics of durability, high- traction, and low-noise of rubber and the easy-to-glue characteristic of plastic.      


     Because it is very difficult and time-consuming to combine the rubber surface and the plastic pins, the factory can only produce 100 pairs of rubber DL heel tips one day. However, this new product improves the functions of heel tips and, hence, gets a national patent in Mainland China. 

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